Grant Program Effectiveness, as of December 2017

Total grant dollars and financial assistance for land protection is procured from government, state, town and private sources. The Russell Foundation also offers small grants specific to conservation projects.

How many acres have been protected for the future benefit of our communities?

12,273 acres

How many projects have protected and assisted farms?

61 farms

Total dollars directly provided to conserve those acres:


How many farm projects have partnered with United States Department of Agriculture / Natural Resources Conservation Services Farm?

25 Federal farm projects

How many towns have been partners?

40 Towns

Total number of land conservation and/or transfer projects completed:

96 Projects

Details on specific projects and work completed can be provided upon request.

Note: The Russell Foundation holds no land, no easements, and maintains no benefitting interest in the land conserved. The Foundation’s internal funds cover wages, administration and a small grant program.

For interest or questions, contact: Ian McSweeney, Director 603.801.3120